A young and naive Jehovah's Witness chases his first kiss whilst spending the summer with his estranged father on a rough housing estate. His romantic quest is inspired by a newfound love for 80s cinema but hindered by a street-wise bully who is being abused at home.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

feature film (action) 

In search of a fresh start, an ageing biker with a violent past moves his family to small-town, New Mexico. When a colourfully sadistic drug lord begins to play cruel games with his loved ones, he finds himself heading down a familiar, vengeful path; resulting in an all-out war.

tv comedy

An ambitious assistant at a pretentious record label attempts to reform and reintroduce the semi-successful 90s boyband 'Xcite'. However, the "Gwentboys" entirely justified, debauched reputation, and the scandals that follow their narcissistic ex-manager are a constant spanner in the works, as she battles misogyny, ego, and toxic masculinity to smash through the glass ceiling of a male-dominated industry.

tv comedy

A habitual loser masquerades as a car park attendant at the local zoo, defrauding both the popular Bristol attraction and the local council. She needs to bring in enough cash to keep her mother in her expensive care home, whilst resisting the meddling of jobsworth officials, the trappings of new-found wealth, and her blackmailing, money-grabbing ex.
FEATURE FILM (horror)  - Optioned by Buffalo Dragon
Based on the multi-award-winning short film. An impoverished single mother struggles to hold on to her sanity as she's forced to ever extreme measures to satisfy her son's inhumane appetite.

tv comedy  mockumentary

A disgraced 90s children's TV presenter 'Pete Biscuits' is followed by an exploitative documentary crew, as Pete now claims to be able to hear the voice of God...But what if he's right?

feature film (crime/romance) 

After being threatened with forced retirement, an aging policewoman orchestrates an opportunity to infiltrate the inner workings of a crime empire. However, after falling in love with her mark, she becomes conflicted, as the criminal underworld prepares for battle around her.

feature film (slice-of-life drama)

After fate brings them together, two unlikely friends from opposite sides of the track decide to open their own music venue, whilst trying to rebuild the lives they've both grown to resent.

short film (fantasy drama)

After losing his wife, a lonely fantasist takes a teaching job in Japan. When a troubled student catches his eye, the line between right and wrong, reality and fiction begins to blue; resulting in a bloody showdown on a Tokyo expressway.​​​​​​​

short film (drama)

A journeyman boxer struggles to accept that his career is coming to an end.  A performance-enhancing drug takes him back to the top of his game. But, his newfound aggression threatens to change him into a monster.

short film (drama)

Two lifelong friends and war veterans are tormented by a local gang. When a line is crossed, the octogenarians resort to old-school retribution, revealing a long-dormant set of particularly barbaric skills.

short film (horror)

After falling pregnant, a talented artist's repressed memories of a dark childhood come to the surface in a run-down, oppressive seaside town.