Format: Feature Film
Genre: Ultra-violent modern Western. ​​​​​​​
Logline: Looking for a fresh start, an aging family man with a long-buried past moves his family to Small Town, New Mexico. However, when his family is targeted for torment by a psychotic local, all hell breaks loose as he spirals into an ultra-violent nightmare.
Review by Preston Fassel (Fangoria):
"I struggled to come up with the right analogy to describe this movie and the best I ever came up with was “John Waters meets John Woo” and even that doesn’t do this uniquely insane script justice. The closest I’ve come to a genuinely original script that at once pays homage to the gritty, over-the-top West Coast grindhouse films of the 70s, Dogbite tells of a middle-aged biker who takes his wife, baby, and delinquent son to an isolated desert town in the hopes that it’ll prove a fresh start for them after Junior ran afoul of drug dealers back home. It’s not long before he finds himself falling back in with a seedy element, although “seedy” here belongs to a different dimension. As it turns out the town is de facto run by Billy, an obese, rotten-mouthed cowboy drug lord who rules with an iron fist from a palatial estate in the mountains. With a penchant for worming his way into people’s heads and slowly breaking them down for his own amusement, Billy sets his sights on making Junior his latest “project,” instigating a one-man war between a proud papa and the forces of darkness itself. One of the most uncomfortably funny scripts I’ve ever read – the dark humour and taboo-breaking here goes neck-and-neck with Pink Flamingoes and The Greasy Strangler – it’s also one of the most heinously violent and surreal, featuring such set pieces as a shootout that lasts for weeks (told via time-lapse and title cards) and a samurai sword fight involving a guy in his tighty whiteys. A classic of subversive trash cinema waiting to happen."

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