Format: 3 x 60 TV Drama.
Genre: Thriller.
Stage: Script.
Available: Yes - script available on request.
Logline: A female police officer being forced into early retirement agrees to go undercover to infiltrate the life of London's most notorious crime lord. However, the case hits a snag when she falls in love with her mark, whilst a turf war breaks out around them.
Synopsis: Nola Albano is a tough, old-school copper. She's a loner who takes great pride in kicking the shot of the dregs of London's crumbling society, and she has done for years. However, her ethics are firmly planted in the 1970s and modern policing is leaving Nola behind. Her unique way of working the streets comes under increasing scrutiny from her superiors who callously force her into early retirement, but being a copper is all that Nola knows, and all she has ever loved - so she fights back.
At her lowest, an opportunity presents itself. A chance meeting with Morris Townsend - London's most notorious criminal. Nola falls for his undeniable charm, and in an act of rebellion sleeps with him. 
As Nola and Morris get closer, she uses the growing relationship, and Morris' infatuation to her advantage and offers him up as bait to her ex-employers - she'll go undercover. They get Morris, she gets her job back! A deal is struck with her sell-out, brown-nosed boss Sgt Barry Clayswater and Nola continues the infiltration of Morris's shady world through a blossoming romance that becomes increasingly shaded by true feelings. 
Conflicted, Nola’s grand plan begins to unravel further as top crime boss and the man Morris answers to Boon McDermott arrives back in London after a prolonged hiatus. Boon is a nasty piece of work who the entirety of the London underworld thought was long dead - but he's far from it. He’s been the puppet master behind the scenes and has been holding Morris and his rebellious daughter, Genie to ransom. Debts grow old, but they never die.
Boon decides that he wants London back for himself and will stop at nothing to get it as he rages war on the factions beneath him, severing all peace treaties that Morris and Genie have worked hard to forge in his absence, and all hell breaks loose across London's divided streets. Nola is caught directly in the middle of an escalating war as she gets ever closer to Morris who juggles his fractious responsibilities; his love affair with Nola, his complicated criminal empire, and his wayward daughter.
In too deep, Nola eventually admits to herself and her superiors that her love for Morris has grown into something real; she desperately works to save Morris from the shit-storm Boon has created underneath him, but a little birdie has told Boon who Nola is and therefore he takes great pride in tearing the relationship apart and torturing Nola for her troubles. Morris is devastated to hear the truth about Nola, but he follows his heart, he saves her from Boon -  he loves her, copper or otherwise!
On the run and knowing that Boon will stop at nothing to kill them both, Nola, Morris, and Genie move to a safe house in the countryside whilst Nola desperately looks to broker a new deal with her bosses; Morris gives evidence on Boon which will put him away for life and Morris get a lesser sentence which will see him and Nola reunited sooner rather than later.
But Boon has other ideas and before long he assembles a small army to storm the safe house and take his revenge on the devoted love birds. However, Boon's army is not the only one that is en route and when you have two armies fighting for the same thing, you inevitably get... A WAR!

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